Chariot elevateur agriculture et aviculture, poultry forklift

Forklift for live bird handling

Troll, the only telehandler to be this versatile, small, fast and technological. The Troll is a 3-wheeled vehicle which, thanks to the third rear wheel, is able to position itself like a rudder and turn 360 degrees on itself, thus occupying the minimum space for maneuver.

It can lift up to 1500 kg and rise up to 3.5 meters in height. Ideal for the poultry sector, the troll was inspired by the need to lift crates and containers for the transport of chickens, turkeys, hens and eggs.

Chariot elevateur agriculture et aviculture, poultry forklift

Chicken transport optimization

Designed for a large Italian agri-food company specialized in the poultry sector, the Troll has the advantage of being agile and small.

It is 1.80 meters high and 1.65 meters wide, with 3-wheel drive. Its compactness guarantees parking even in small spaces. Its weight of 2350 kg gives it optimal stability.

Comfort processing

It has a double-speed hydrostatic drive, and distributes the force on the wheels that need it most, in order to never get stuck and it is ideal for people who work in agriculture and nurseries.

The Troll has a comfortable, human-sized cabin and it’s very easy to entry and exit. Safe and with large windows, it guarantees maximum visibility of the surrounding workspace.

Chariot elevateur agriculture et aviculture, poultry forklift

Innovative forklift

After years of work, also improved thanks to the suggestions of our customers, this vehicle is now renowned for its reliability!

Thanks to Lombardini diesel engine, it can count on long-lasting reliability.

With its telescopic arm it can reach wherever it wants without letting its compactness compromise its performance.

In this way, Soltec has provided its customers with a versatile, safe and robust telescopic handler.

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