Cisterna scarrabile acciao inox

Hermetic Tank

This hermetic roll-off tank is built to contain category 2 materials of animal origin not intended for animal consumption. The tank has a total length of mt. 6.20 approx., It is equipped with rear sliding rollers and a front hooking pyramid.

The tank is made of s 235 jr quality carbon steel, with a thickness of 6 per shell and head bottoms. Cylindrical section, with torospheric rounded bottoms and external reinforcement rings. 


Cisterne scarrabili 6 metri 11000 litri in acciaio al carbonio S 235 JR

Other features

The total capacity of lt. is about 11500 single compartment. The product has:
– n° 1 overpressure valve.
– n 1 vacuum breaker valve.
– n 1 “overflow” accumulation filter.
– n 2 internal flange with internal reinforcement T-rings to avoid the swaying of the liquid during transport. Removable after testing.
– vacuum lifting hooks of the tank.
– tailgate on the upper part of the tank.

Tank's Opening System

Tank opening by means of 1 double-acting hydraulic cylinder by means of a hand pump positioned in the cradle.
– n  4 rear hydraulic locks and rubber seal.
– n 1 of 4″ top loading attachment with quick ball coupling complete with cap for closing.
– n 1 4 “hose for connecting your decompressor that starts from the top and is positioned at the bottom, complete with a 4” ball quick coupling with relative closing cap.

Cisterna scarrabile

High Quality Tank

-positioning of n1 pressure gauge in the upper part of the tank to measure the depression and pressure.

The tank will be anchored to the roll-off cradle by means of supports welded to the cistern and to the cradle.The tank will be treated with internal and external hot-dip galvanizing to protect it from rust attacks due to liquids.

Cisterna scarrabile
Cisterna scarrabile ermetica
Cisterna scarrabile acciao inox
Cisterne scarrabili 6 metri 11000 litri in acciaio al carbonio S 235 JR

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