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movimentazione polli vivi

NETOK - 4.0 Forklift

NETOK is a special forklift that can move alive chicken cages. Powerful, versatile, small, Netok is perfect for poultry farming. With different accessories, it can be used for cleaning.

Cisterna scarrabile acciao inox

Hermetic Tank

This hermetic roll-off tank is built to contain category 2 materials of animal origin. The tank has a total length of mt. 6.20 approx., It is equipped with rear sliding rollers and a front hooking pyramid.

macchina per trasporto gabbie uova in incubatrice commerciale di incubatore industriale

TEGGO - Eggs Handler

Teggo is a machine that has the aim of quickly move the egg carts of the industrial incubator. This solution can be used for other sectors (industrial and agri-food ones).

Chariot elevateur agriculture et aviculture, poultry forklift

TROLL - Versatile Forklift

Troll is the only telescopic telehandler to be this versatile, small, quick and technological.

GABO - Chickens Handler

Reduce the loading and unloading time with GABO: the only 3-wheeled handler to be this versatile, quick and small.

Technical Study

Soltec offers a customized solution that adapts perfectly to your firm in order to increase your productivity and efficiency.


Customizable Cages

Here at Soltec we offers machineries to move your poultry but also other poultry accessories like the customizable cages. Contact us if you want more information.

Container for Waste

Roll-off container in stainless steel or aluminum for the transport and storage of slaughterhouse waste with two-door hydraulically opening cover system.

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